Fabulous Kwa-Zulu Natal Media Personality, Minnie Ntuli gives more than expected and keeps raising the level each time. Whether she is in studio as a radio presenter or a musician, having the mic in her hand as being a TV Presenter – it’s clear to see that like a diamond, in all that she does, she shines so brightly.

Radio has always been a first love of hers, so much so that she is on Kwa-Zulu Natal’s beloved radio station, East Coast Radio. Bursting on the musical scene on reality TV show – “Idols” in 2016, she has since worked her way up.

With working with many amazing artists namely DJ Vumar, J Sbu and many others, there is one collaboration that sticks out like quite clearly and that is the phenomenal DJ and Producer Prince Kaybee. One thing that is undeniable, is the great magic that happens between Prince Kaybee and Minnie. She featured not only his music video “Live your life” featuring the prolific vocalist, Msaki but they have numerous songs together.

Speaking on how they actually met, she says “I actually met him through Zanda Zakuza, where she told me he was looking for a vocalist to feature on a song – I  remember I was at church when they came to fetch me.” As the saying goes “and the rest is history”.

As a Media Personality who has deals with plenty of live events, the COVID 19 pandemic has made it quite hard to cope with as a creative. Touching on the effects of the lockdown, Ntuli remains positive through it all, she explains “Lockdown has a time to reset, reflect, reboost so it’s been a beautiful time to re-introduce myself to myself and just keep working!”

One thing that can’t be denied about the ” diamond” as she loves to call herself, is that she is an over achiever. Boasting of a fruitful career through the music and radio scene, she excitedly adds onto her other great achievements thus far “Getting night time prime time slot from 7pm – 10pm and the ‘Best Female Radio Presenter’ nomination from the KZN Awards.”

Looking within the industry that she is in, it’s easy to get lost in the glitz and glam. Ntuli always remains focused on all of her goals and the proof really is in the pudding.

Although that may be the case, she still feels more could be improved on to making a better tomorrow for others, she explains “Yoh! There is a lot but I would change the mindset of the artists, to not compare and compete but conquer and dominate, there is enough space for everyone!” she also adds on the vital lessons to those who want to follow in her footsteps, on what they should do “Start early and start alone! Don’t wait to be given opportunities – create your own, people will jump on to your vibe later!”

Between choosing radio and music, it’s clear that is is quite a tough decision, “I can’t choose!” Ntuli says, she further explains “It’s like saying I must choose a favourite child, both serve a different purpose to me personally.”

In the midst of it all, the key component that gets her motivated to keep her going, Ntuli says “God and family are important to me and keeps me going and smiling, I’m nothing without all these”.

We know that the shining diamond will give us more greatness, aside from her latest project, in collaboration with Jägermeister titled “The Seatdown with the Meisters” which looks at individuals who are making a difference within the creative industry.

Her lips are mum about her next project, “It’s a big surprise! You going to love it!” she says and just like that –  the suspense begins! We are extremely excited on all that she will bring.

To follow Minnie Ntuli on all social media platforms, you can find her on the following:

Facebook: Minnie Ntuli
Instagram: @minnie_ntuli
Twitter: @minnie_ntuli

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